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Hi, we’re Jenna & Quinn. We co-own Prairie & Luna Cannabis Co. and we’re so happy you've found your way here. This shop is our dream come true. Although, if we’re honest, neither of us ever dreamt we’d see the day weed would be legal. But then, suddenly, it was and everything started to change. We founded Prairie & Luna as a cannabis accessory boutique, where we curated a collection of the most functional and aesthetically-pleasing smokeware we could find. At that point, finding anything but a hot pink bong was a wild goose chase and we wanted to fill the giant woman-shaped hole we saw in the accessory market. We focused on ceramic smokeware after trying it for the first time - the smoking experience was leaps and bounds better than any other material we’d ever tried, plus the artistry was incredible and it meant we got to directly support mostly women artists who were hand-making these gorgeous pieces. Flash forward a year, we’ve barely got our feet under us, Quinn is newly pregnant, and the cannabis retail store authorization lottery system is lifted. So, we decided to throw caution to the wind, scraped the cash together, and applied. We’ve been learning as we go ever since, jumping through all the hoops, and feeling so fucking lucky every day. And it’s not just the two of us anymore! We’ve gathered an incredible team that has so generously dedicated their passion to this dream. Truly, the only thing that sets us apart from any other weed store is our budtenders. Their knowledge, kindness, and deep love of cannabis makes us so proud to have them represent us every day. If you’ve had the chance to visit, you know that they’re just absolute gems. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be in this industry, to work to uphold our values as we grow, and to serve our local community with the best bud we can get our hands on. Holding space for people to have conversations about weed, about stigma, about shame; holding folks’ hands as they discover, re-discover, or deepen their relationship with cannabis… It’s all just a dream and we couldn’t feel more honoured to have the chance to do it every day. Thank you for stopping by. <3 J&Q

Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co. - Petawawa

2-3067 Petawawa Blvd, Petawawa, ON, CA

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MondayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
TuesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
WednesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
ThursdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
FridayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
SaturdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
SundayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 5:00 PM

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