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Created through the vision of improving lives through the sustainable access to cannabis, Northern Helm is simple, celebratory and sophisticated. It’s for the more discerning palate and conscientious citizen. We understand there is a time and place for everything. And also understand the importance of enjoyment. Northern Helm is for the time of life when there is nothing to prove, but everything to gain. Northern Helm knows you have a great path ahead, and will help you chart your best course. Northern Helm will lead you to your brightest star. Northern Helm is about a new way of living. A richer, yet simpler life. A life bursting at the seams, yet pared down of things.

Northern Helm - Bowmanville

Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville, ON, Canada

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MondayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:45 PM
TuesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:45 PM
WednesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:45 PM
ThursdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:45 PM
FridayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:45 PM
SaturdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 7:45 PM
SundayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 7:45 PM

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