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We are relatively new to the cannabis world and are very excited to be a part of the community! We opened July 2021 in the Hart of Prince George, BC. We are locally owned and we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of customer care. We have parking out front and are wheelchair accessible. The beauty of our location is we are located between the Hart Wholesale Liquor and the Open Door Cafe on the John Hart Highway for a one stop shop! Here at MJB we understand the love for BC bud and ensure we keep a variety of products for customers! We are proud to carry BC Indigenous Cannabis Products featuring cannabis products from Indigenous-owned cultivators and processors based in the province as well. There are so many new products to explore from bath bombs, to beverages, to baked goods we understand it can be a bit overwhelming in-store. That's why staff keep up to date with new products to ensure the shopping experience a breeze for you. Life is complicated enough, getting the bud you want shouldn't be! As a customer, if you have a product request let us know and we will order it in when its available! We want to make sure you are receiving the products you are looking for as we understand the importance of being heard and respected when entering a dispensary. Every person has a unique relationship with cannabis and we are here to help break the stigma! Our entire team is passionate about cannabis and educating not only ourselves but the community, so if you have any questions, swing by and chat with a staff member today!

MJB Cannabis - Prince George - Hart

6065 Monterey Road, Prince George, BC, CA

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MondayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 11:00 PM
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ThursdayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 11:00 PM
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