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Mistik Cannabis Co. is an Indigenous-owned cannabis store. At Mistik, our top priority is to educate the community about responsible cannabis consumption and make cannabis approachable. We primarily educate our clients using the Mistik Cannabis Co. spectrum. Like a choose your own adventure, you choose your desired experience—whether you’re looking for Body Melt, Unwind, Euphoric or Ignite. We’ve got you covered and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Mistik is passionate about smashing cannabis-related stigma. Just like drinking, there is a big difference between having a little and having a lot; the face of cannabis use does not look just one way. For example, cannabidiol (or CBD) has become increasingly popular and you can find an array of CBD products in-store. The cannabis plant has an array of cannabinoids and many of their residual effects are truly fascinating. Cannabis is enjoyed by people of all walks of life—regardless of gender, race, age (18+ only, of course), profession, income, etc. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Mistik.

Mistik Cannabis Co. (Winnipeg)

1670 Main St, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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MondayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
TuesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
WednesdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
ThursdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
FridayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
SaturdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 9:30 PM
SundayOpen 11:00 AM - Close 6:30 PM

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