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Comfort is becoming more educated in all things cannabis. Comfort is our knowledge of the products on the market. Comfort is inclusion and acceptance – creating an experience unlike any other to support this monumental shift in cannabis policy to help break down barriers and stigmas. Comfort is knowing we have the best prices – we can because our only expenses are from operating this one store – no CEO in BC or marketing department in Toronto to pay. Our owners are right there on the retail floor with you, answering questions, listening to feedback and guiding you through your process of learning and finding the right products for you. Come visit us soon, or give us a call and have a chat – we’re looking forward to it!

hURBN Cannabis

767 Silver Seven Rd, Unit 26, Kanata, ON, CA

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MondayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
TuesdayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
WednesdayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
ThursdayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
FridayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 4:00 PM
SaturdayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 8:00 PM
SundayOpen 10:00 AM - Close 6:00 PM

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