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This is Bud’s Cannabis Store (BCS), a proud family owned and operated cannabis business. With 20 years experience and a proven track record of running a successful non-cannabis family based business, we wanted to bring our experience, hard work and dedication to the cannabis community. When it came time to decide on a name for our cannabis business, there was no question we would name it Bud, after my late father. My dad, Bud, was a role model to many. He was well respected and admired for how he accepted everyone into his family, for his strong focus, his understanding, his drive and hard work. Lessons which he passed on to me. These qualities represented what we wanted BCS to stand for. A warm, welcoming environment where our customers could shop and learn from our passionate, knowledgeable and driven team. Our new location is in the heart of downtown Milton, at 300 Mainstreet East. We are located directly across the street from Troy's Diner and Halifax Donair. Our menu is carefully curated, with items for every type of consumer. We offer a wide selection of dried cannabis flower and pre-rolls, with plenty of high end craft cannabis options, as well as some more budget friendly picks. Whatever you like to call it: weed, pot, grass, reefer, or ganja - we are here to help! If you prefer to ingest cannabis, we have a wide variety of edible chocolates, soft chews, and gummies in various flavours. We also have cannabis infused beverages, as well as oils and capsules. These ingestible products are available in various different THC and CBD ratios, depending on the desired effect. Just looking for something to relax at the end of the night? We got you covered. We carry a selection of cannabis concentrates - hash, shatter, resin, dabs, diamonds etc.. as well as 510 cartridges and 510 batteries. We also carry various cannabis topicals, and a wide assortment of accessories - rolling papers, lighters, bongs, pipes, grinders, and so on!

Bud's Cannabis Store - Milton

300 Main Street East, Milton, ON, CA

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MondayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 10:30 PM
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ThursdayOpen 9:00 AM - Close 10:30 PM
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