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Standing firm at a moderate height and with a stocky build, Redecan Wappa is an indica-dominant strain, characterized by its large, densely packed flowers with a broad base, and tapered, pointed tip. Its flowers grow a beautiful green and yellow, sporting vibrant hues of purple in the fall as a response to its cooler growing environment. Wappa exudes an overwhelmingly skunky, yet fruity aroma, thanks to high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene. Consistently testing at high THC levels, Redecan's Wappa strain is the go-to choice for cannabis lovers across the nation. All of our bud is carefully harvested, expertly cured to preserve natural flavour and moisture, trimmed by hand and inspected.

About this product

Licensed Producer9037136 Canada Inc d.b.a Redecan Pharm
PotencyVery Strong
Thc Content23 - 29%
Cbd Content0 - 1%
Plant TypeIndica Dominant
Growing ProvinceOntario
Growing MethodGreenhouse
Grow Room LightingSun Assisted HID
Drying MethodHang Dry
Trimming MethodHand Trimmed
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