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Ministry of Sativa

Durban Diesel Pre-Roll Pack

Durban Diesel Pre-Roll Pack

What happens when you combine two of the best sativa’s on the planet? You get Durban Diesel. Durban Diesel is clearly a cross between Durban Poison x Sour Diesel. The end product is a chunky, trichome covered bud and a smooth, creamy smoke that will keep you coming back for more. Our current batch of Durban Diesel is highly potent with 3.6% terpenes. The myrcene-dominant cross elegantly combines the gassy and funky profile of the Diesel with the minty sweet Durban.

About this product

Licensed ProducerRoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc.
BrandMinistry of Sativa
PotencyVery Strong
Thc Content23 - 33%
Cbd Contentmax 1%
Plant TypeSativa Dominant
Strain NameDurban Poison x Sour Diesel
Growing ProvinceOntario
Growing RegionLeamington
Growing MethodHybrid-Greenhouse
Growing MediumRockwool
Grow Room LightingSun Assisted HID
Drying MethodHang Dry
Trimming MethodMachine Trimmed and Hand Groomed
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