Brand: Censored Edibles

Cannabis and sex have been bedmates since the dawn of time, and we think it’s only natural that we create a more carnal cannabis culture. At Censored Edibles™ we believe in breaking down taboos and pushing societal boundaries, to bring exciting, flavourful cannabis products to our customers. Our products are for Adults, made by Adults, and they might just be the talk of your next social event.

You’ve seen edibles, but you’ve never seen edibles quite like ours before!

Beyond the fun, we have a more significant social mission. Novelty adult products are gaining a mainstream position in the sexual wellness industry, with their growing popularity amongst all age groups. The influence of pop culture, liberalization and social media exposure, have resulted in increasing awareness about the importance of sexual health.

We believe that sexual health is important, and that the sexual wellness industry needs more “novelty” products, that can help people feel more comfortable expressing their sexuality and living their truth. We hope our products can help.

No matter what the occasion, Censored Edibles™ is creating adult-focused products, which have quickly attracted a significant amount of organic interest and attention, in an industry where traditional channels of advertising are off the table.

We believe that not all edibles are created equal, and we look forward to hearing from you about your experience with our products.

Cannabis Brand Censored Edibles

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