Founded from the legacy marketplace, we are a small craft company that works tirelessly to offer cannabis-infused chocolate in a range of fun and delectable flavours, without the cannabis taste and a perfectly balanced high.

Using our own proprietary extraction process, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality extracts tailored for the edibles market. Our customized full spectrum extract maximizes the cannabinoids present to give you a much better high than using just one

cannabinoid, which loses its effect over time. We use a higher concentration of minor cannabinoids, antioxidant rich flavonoids and terpenes. Which ensures a natural fast-acting onset time, unlike other edibles on the market that can take as long as 4 hours to reach their full effect.

Whether your goal is to relax with a tasty edible after a long day or simply enjoy a flavorful treat, our products will not disappoint.
Cannabis Brand CANNA SQUARZ

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