Brand: ABIDE

Legal cannabis. Who would have thought? Well maybe not thought exactly but certainly hoped and dreamed. And worked. Hard.

With many other passionate, like minded individuals we have been working to legalize cannabis for going on to 25 years. We got our start working with the likes of Hempline and Chris Clay back in ’94, launched Pure Hemp rolling papers, grew our first legal hemp crop in ’98 and were hired to create the Ontario Hemp Alliance (which later rolled into the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.)

We collaborated with Dr. Ernest Small (yes, the same Dr. Small who just received the Order of Canada for his lifetime work researching cannabis) at Agriculture Canada on a hemp germ plasm trial from 1999-2001 and started a hemp breeding program in 2000 with partner PhytoGene Resources Inc. (CanMa, GranMa and ESTA-1 are three of our varieties).
Cannabis Brand ABIDE

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